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The Gujarat assembly elections 2017 was held in two phases on December 9 and 14. A total of 4.32 crore people were eligible to vote in the two phases combined. While 977 candidates fought it out in the first phase, 851 candidates contested in the second phase. Gujarat has 182 assembly seats. The first phase of the Gujarat assembly election saw a voter turnout of 68 per cent, according to the Election Commission, while voter turnout in the second phase was 68.7 per cent. The voter turnout in the 2012 assembly election was 71.3 per cent. Prime Minister Narendra Modi led an aggressive campaign for the BJP in Gujarat, while Congress president Rahul Gandhi spearheaded the party's campaign. Here's how you can check out the results:

How can I check Gujarat assembly election result 2017 online?
Some website  is covering the Gujarat assembly elections 2017 extensively. You can check out the results here.

Where can I watch live TV coverage on Gujarat assembly election result 2017?
You can watch News channel's  live TV coverage of the Gujarat assembly elections here.

How I can compare Gujarat election results 2017 from previous election results 2012?
You can compare the results of the Gujarat assembly elections 2017 with those from the previous assembly polls in 2012 here.

Since 2015, elections in India have presumed newfound importance because of two reasons. First of all, BJP’s fortunes have been shining ever since 2014 General Elections. In the five-state election in 2016, BJP’s extraordinary performance fostered their aspiration for what the party leadership had labelled Congress-mukt Bharat. Second of all, Congress was (is) facing its worst electoral phase since its conception. Rout after rout coupled with weak higher leadership was hurting the party more than ever.

Fever pitch campaigning ahead of Gujarat polls by both the parties brings back memories of Uttar Pradesh elections which was the last major litmus test for the BJP. In an unprecedented victory, the party shot to power in the state after 14 years — the BJP won a two-thirds majority in Uttar Pradesh — 325 seats with an 81 percent strike rate and 41.5 percent vote share. Majority of the opinion polls predicted a hung Assembly in the state. Congress, which had allied with the Samajwadi Party, which together could bag only 55 seats in the state Assembly in March this year.

How can I find live constituency wise results online on Gujarat assembly election result 2017?
You can see the live results of every constituency on the Gujarat elections here.

How can I find live party wise results online on Gujarat assembly election result 2017?
You can see News Channel's  live party wise results of the Gujarat assembly polls here.

Where can I find vote sharing percentage online on Gujarat assembly election result 2017?
You can see the vote sharing percentage of the Gujarat assembly elections 2017 here.

Some Important Link for Live Result Of Election Gujarat 2017:- 

Election Commission  Officail Website   CLICK HERE
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