Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Petrol - Diesel prices have so far reached the highest level since 2014. In Mumbai, where people are buying petrol at Rs 79, the cost of petrol in Delhi will be Rs 70 a liter. The increase in petrol and diesel prices is causing the general public to get annoyed. Because the prices of raw oil at the international level are constantly declining.

Thus, petrol will be ready at Rs 31

Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Petroleum refine crude oil. According to a report, these companies pay 21.50 rupees for 1 liter raw oil. After that, the cost of refining one liter of raw oil by getting entry tax, refinery processing, landing cost and other operational costs is 9.34 rupees. This means that oil companies cost about 31 rupees to prepare a liter petrol. At that time, if you are paying up to 79 rupees for 1 liter of petrol today. So the tax charged on petrol is responsible for it.
That's why not get you the advantage

On the oil companies level, one liter petrol becomes ready for Rs 31. After that tax is levied from the Central Government. It means that you are paying only tax of more than 48 rupees. Since the year 2014, the excise duty on the central government has increased by 126%. Duty on diesel has also increased by 374 percent.

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