Wednesday, 13 September 2017


1. Use a smartphone without touching the screen

For smartphones, browsing or calling, on smartphones you have to get help from their touchscreen. But do you know that more than 50 works can be done without touching the phone's screen. Such as running Youtube, running Wi-Fi, hotspot, installing and uninstalling the app, calling or rejaciting. We will tell you a trick, using which you can do all the work without touching the smartphone screen. You'll be cruel to the marcodroid app for that. So let us tell you the full process.

2. Use a smartphone without touching the screen

How to operate the phone without touching the phone's screen?
1. For that you need to first download and install the Marcodroid App from the Google Play Store.
2. Now open this app and tap on next
3. Use a smartphone without touching the screen

3. After that the page will be open. You have to tap on Add macro here. Then tap on triggers.
4. Now a list will open, tap Headphone insert / remove.
4. Use a smartphone without touching the screen

5. Then tap on Actions and select Launch Application option. Click on Youtube from the navigation. Then there will be two options against you. OK from Force new Now here you will be given a Wright option below, click on it.
6. After that, whenever you connect your headphones to the phone, youtube itself will be open automatically.

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