Saturday, 4 February 2017


The telecom industry is a new type of crime that have spread around the world very quickly. He called SIM Boxes fraud.
   This has been a pick-billion dollar fraud operators and government as well as the country's security is at stake. Asia, Europe and Africa, this room became the most hunted. In countries such as Sierra Leone and Ghana were arrested last year reketiyaro many who call this type of fraud. SIM Boxes call is legally recognized in many countries, including Britain. Not allowed to use it commercially. According to the survey conducted by the Anti-Fraud Specialist SIM Boxes of fraud and over-the-top haijekae two biggest risks.
   Teliphoma companies all around the world strive to protect themselves from this type of fraud. South Delhi counterparts after the arrest of a software engineer, and his 9 similar racket was bhandaphoda. Anti-Terrorist Squad busted in Uttar Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir army khabarioe the racket in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Army officers were spying on calls during the investigation carried out by the racket was revealed.

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