Tomorrow will be the start of the Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation by payment wallet. Ahmedabad tomorrow afternoon at 1 pm jiesaaratisi However, just -1 Mandir port terminals, will be at the opening ceremony by Minister of Transport.
In today's era of modern technology to synchronize the rhythm initiated by the Government of India with the development of cashless campaign vegavantu ST The Corporation is committed.
Which has been conducted in an attempt to make wallet payment way agreement with the Gujarat State Transport Corporation now mobikavika tranjekasana cashless mobile wallet system. Ahmedabad The first payment of 11 depot He will be given the option to give 397 kandatarone kayuara wallet code. Passengers and the conductor can be split so that money will solve the question of cashless transaction.
Talking to a 10 percent discount on the first payment was made by jiesaaratisi wallet. ST for which Moby has been tied with Quick e-wallet, which allowed passengers to get rid of the task birth at separate ticket. Under the present system, cashless ticket scheme has been conductor training. Depot has been the conductor of a barcode. He will give the system more and more cashless ticket sellers prize three conductor.
ST passengers traveling more than 0 per cent in favor of rural areas. Brakesman instruct them to download the mobile app.

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