Saturday, 4 February 2017


After notabandhi ie after 9 November 2016, the country is money poured down the rain Jan Dhan accounts. Prime Minister Jan Dhan terms of deposit accounts opened under the Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) witnessed 93.95 per cent growth in Gujarat.
   According to data presented in the Lok Sabha on November 9, 2016 at the Jan Dhan accounts. The deposit amount of Rs 1628.80 crore. Rs 1530.41 crore. 3159.28 crore has gone. In terms of percentage growth, Gujarat and Karnataka, Tripura, Manipur has come to Diu-Daman and order. He states in Gujarat is fifth in terms of deposits. UP, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Bihar and Gujarat order.
   Where the election is being held in the UP - Jan Dhan accounts to deposit Rs. Rose to Rs 3376.50 crore. It was 10815 million. The figure of 25 January. NB 2017. The figure of 9 November. 7438.50 crore was. The 5bangalamam deposit Rs. 6269 of Rs 33 crore. Rs 8496.81 crore. 2227.48 crore increase. Rajasthan Rs. Were 3462.11 million. Which is an increase of Rs 1891.37 crore figure. 5353.48 crore has been. Bihar's Rs. Were 3680.64 million. The increasing amount of Rs 1732.20 crore. 5412.84 crore has been.
   According to terms of the number of bankers Jan Dhan accounts (1.01 million), the highest percentage in terms of population. Which says it has money rainfall Jan Dhan accounts, accounts have been misused.
   Jan Dhan bank accounts, including income tax department has issued 5,100 notices for checking accounts. If you find any irregularities in the personal income tax department would examine the Jan Dhan accounts.
   After notabandhi Jan Dhan account the total amount of Rs. 64914 crore, which is more than 20884 million before notabandhi. Note inhibition of Rs. 44034 crore which was 25 January. 64914 crore have been spent on 2017.

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