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Gujarat ni Tamam Nadio nu List: competitive exam mate useful

The Famous Rivers of Gujarat

The Banas River originates at the Sirvana Hill (Sirohi, Rajasthan) flowing at the foothills of the Abu and then disappearing into the desert. Starting from Koteshwar (near Ambaji) the Saraswati River flows by Patan and Siddhpur before merging into the desert.

The famous Sabarmati river of north Gujarat is one of its biggest rivers. Flowing towards the Gulf of Cambay its starting point is at Rajasthan's Dhebar Lake. It is joined by other rivulets like the Khari, the Shedhi, the Meshvo, the Mazam, the Vatrak and the Hathmati. The Sabarmati and its tributaries along with the northern region's three "virgin" are known as the Aravalli ranges' daughter. The Narmada and the Mahi along with their respective families originate in Madhya Pradesh, the former in Amarkantak while the latter near Amzara. The Meshri, the Panam, the Anas and the Anas join the Mahi. The Narmada is considered one of the holiest and the biggest rivers and has only one tributary by the name of the Karjan. It merges into the sea 16 km away from Broach.

Entering Gujarat at Kakrapar the Tapi river originates at the Satpura ranges close to Betwa. It passes through Rander and Surat and then meets the sea.

In the southern Gujarat flows the Damanganga, the Kolak, the Par, the Vapi, the Auranga, the Vanki, the Ambika, the Purna and the Mindhola rivers. They originate at the Sahyadri.

During the time of summer the rivers in the Kutch and Saurashtra dry up. The river that originates in Chotila range in central Saurashtra flow towards the south in the desert region of Kutch. The north flowing rivers are the Brahmani, the Machhu and the Aji. The Saraswati, the Kpila, the Hirani, the Sangwada, the Somal, the Surekh, the Kamb and the Ojhat rivers originate in the Gir and the Girnar and fall into sea. Two sacred rivers are the Vastu and the Saraswati (near Somanth).
The Lakes of Gujarat

In today's life of ever rising decibels of the cities the lakes of Gujarat offer an escape to serenity and calmness. The lakes here give a feeling of tranquillity. There is no dearth of scenic beauty. To the visitors from India and abroad these lakes bring a delightful experience. Migratory birds visit this part of the earth and makes the travelling experience exquisite. The prolonged sound of the chirps rejuvenates the mood and senses. To famous lakes of Ahmedabad are the Chandola Lake and the Kankaria Lake.

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