Saturday, 11 February 2017


After hitting the notabandhina is now caught in a situation once again seen growth in the job market. Timalijha Services ABC consulting, Quace Corp., including most of the recruitment and staffing entala intarana pharmanu say that such companies have been confident once again. Hiring companies that had decided to put the cut or avoided. Baking, job sectors, such as consumer demand, Infrastructure, Retail and enjiyaringa have seen once again. The company said the first quarter was an increase of 40-50 per cent of the new Financial Year hayarigamam. When notabandhi after it was drastically reduced. International recruitment firm entala Managing Director Joseph DA said that 90 percent of companies are optimistic about the tides again speak with us. Temame later said that recruitment conditions remain sluggish in November-December issue gained a position at the beginning of the month of January. The market has been gradually return cash. With increasing costs of people with. He said that we could be back in the April-June quarter. Agriculture indastjhana leadership coupled with hiring may increase by 50 per cent. Quace Corp. President, People and Services guruprasada Srinivas also agrees with the matter. In case of a bad situation notabandhimam hiring're watching me now, it increased by 10-15 per cent. This increased the next quarter is expected to reach 40 percent. Entry is seeing an increase in hiring at all levels, ranging from level. He said that large companies in the garden until November to mid-January had avoided the immediate hayarigani process. The decision was made to prevent any trouble in achieving the revenue target. Now things are changing slowly and gradually. Experts say that the job market will be hayariga rikvari sectors like FMCG, retail, pharmaceutical, banking and auto. Trump factor is due to the slowdown in the Information Technology sector. But even here there is some hope of seeing this sector. Srinivasan said that coupled with the first quarter of fiscal 2018 would have been great for the IT sector such as digital and Mobility.
    Eighth day of November last year, the Prime Minister announced notabandhini sambandhona than the name of the nation. Part of which had been banned on the 500 and 1000. Notabandhina 'plight was due to become a small industry. A large number of people were forced to lose jobs. Now the situation is becoming normal. So are increasing signs that the job opportunity.

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