NEW DELHI: After the Chinese Internet company Alibaba Facebook may soon offer free Internet service in India. According to a report alibaba is in talks with telecom companies and internet service providers to give free country.
However, India is not as easy as the free Internet offer for the company. Earlier Facebook also decided to do something similar by Internet.org Do Kwan, and the Free Basics project. But had to stop due to the net absolute siddhatone Facebook plans.
Alibabana President (Mobile Business Overseas), Jack Huang Business Insider India said that, we need opportunities to vicarasum which we will have the opportunity to work together with the service provider or service provider. Our effort will be to reduce the cost to the user, and data connectivity will be even better than before. Our conversations with service providers being.
Alibaba has been working on its own plan. In this respect it is in talks with several potential partners. China's plan to provide Internet service kanektivitivala weak states.
Huang said that, we believe that not all the states in connectivity problems. We should focus attention on those states where the connectivity problem. We first analyze the current needs of consumers who will need this service.

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